Bixbi Available in Ankeny, IA

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Dogs are many wonderful things, but nutritionists theyā€™re not.

Brown Dog Bakery is proud to carry Bixbi in Ankeny, Iowa. When we founded BIXBIĀ® we applied that knowledge to our line of organic mushroom supplements for dogs and cats. BIXBI's portfolio has grown since those early days, but we've never lost sight of our mission to provide dogs with the absolute best nutrition, trusted ingredient sourcing and USA manufacturing. James Crouch, Founder & CEO

Dog Food

  • Rawbble Dry Food for Dogs
  • Rawbble Wet Food for Dogs
  • Rawbble Freeze-Dried Food for Dogs
  • Jerky TreatsĀ 
  • Pocket TrainersĀ 
  • Bark PopsĀ 
  • Bixbi Bar
  • Supplements

Come visit our pet supply store in Ankeny, IA specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.